Prescribing and Dispensing of Veterinary Medication

Cross sectional study was conducted from October, 2018 to Gregorian calendar month, 2019. the target of this study were determine principles and needs of drug prescribing observe, grasp the method of prescription of veterinary medication, to stick animal medical experts to rational drug prescription tips and to get rid of irrational drug prescription practices in their work places. In Janamora Wereda (3/34) health personnel had a Doctrate Degree, (1/34) health personnel had been specialised in Veterinary surgery and imaging, (3/34) health personnel had a bsc degree and therefore the different twenty seven animal health and drug clinic professionals ar credentials.
One non-public clinic was travel by the owner himself. From the table three shows that written drug prescription, verbal, and verbal/written drug prescriptions ar 3/21, 12/21, and 6/21 severally. This shows that the majority veterinary clinics within the study space don't follow the proper drug prescription ways. The figure a pair of could be a regular sort of drug prescription paper that has been prescribed by physician Specially by Doctor of medicine /DVM/ to drug dispenser so as to regulate on an irregular basis drug wastage, to indicate drug kind that has been prescribed and therefore the amounts of drug. because the figure three shows that the drug prescriber name, drug dispenser name, the Owner name, and therefore the quantity of cash the owner has been paid to the drug dispenser for drug medication has not been represented.
The paper conjointly don't allowed in Ethiopian National Regional State Finance and Economic Development Bureau. The problem of drug prescription practices, according to tips for the management of use of prescription paper revealed by the Veterinary Drug Administration and management Authority of Abyssinia, the content of any prescription paper ought to embrace the subsequent information: Serial variety and code and date, Name, level and address of the animal health establishment, Owner’s name and address, Species of the animal, breed, age, sex, status, color card variety and ID No (name), style of diagnosing, Name, strength, dose type and dose of the drug, If the drug is to be combined the sort of ingredients required, direction to be used and the way to arrange it, If the drug is refillable direction for refill, The withdrawal amount for milk, meat and egg, Prescriber’s name, qualification, license number, and signature and date on that the prescription is written, Dispenser’s name, qualification, license number, and signature and date on that the prescription is crammed [2].
A prescription is a crucial therapeutic dealings between the prescriber and veterinary drug client through a dispenser. it's a written order of the prescriber for one or a lot of medication, and instructs the dispenser the way to prepare and dispense veterinary medication and therefore the owner the way to use them. Prescription ought to be written on a typical prescription paper, written in ink, legible, written in generics, clear (not ambiguous), written in English with some Latin abbreviations, and therefore the amount of ingredients ought to be expressed in system of weights and measures [1].
Animal health professionals concerned in prescribing and dispensing of veterinary medication have the necessity for veterinary medication info so as to stay themselves up thus far with developments associated with veterinary medication and to produce such info to owner, different animal health professionals and to the final public. owing to AN increasing variety and quality of veterinary medication, the necessity for up-to-date info is larger than ever. Updated veterinary medication info is especially directed at rising prescribing, dispensing and veterinary