Impact of Milking Frequency on Milk Yield

The studied was carried in Wereda Janamora farm from Augest 2018 to December 2018. The study of this journal was to assess the impact of milking follow and milking frequency on milk yield and conjointly determine the milking follow drawback of Janamora Wereda farm. From total of thirty five fresh cows ten ar high milk producer cow and twenty five ar low milk producer cows cluster. we have a tendency to were elite nine cows indiscriminately from every cluster and milked doubly and 3 times daily.
Interviewed with pre-tested structured form to get data on the milking condition, milking frequency, milking order, milk discomfited, milk discomfited stimulation, inhibition of milk discomfited , milking speed and milking interval of cows within the farm. A follow up study was conjointly conducted to get milk production supported milking frequency and milking speed. The world population get most of its milk and milk merchandise from cows, Bubalus bubalis, goats, and sheep, horses, donkey, rein-deer, yaks, even-toed ungulate and sows contribute atiny low to the overall milk provide.
Milk with its well balanced assortment of nutrients, is typically known as natures most nearly excellent food [1]. Effect of milking practice and frequency of cows, whereas milk is a superb foodstuff in many ways, it's not excellent, neither is the other food. Milk and various milk merchandise example, cheese, butter, frozen dessert and pot cheese ar major elements of the human diet in several countries. Changes in dietary preferences and milk marking ar a number of the challenges facing the dairy farm trade [1].
The present study showed that the milk production of the farm was at bound level. Thus, there's a necessity to correct management of cows throughout milking and worker of fine milkier so as to extend the milk yield. in line with the response of the milkier they follow the right milking order as a result of they understand the impact of milking order on milk yield .when the milking order were vary the milking cow irritated and reduced their milk yield as a result of irritating was one in every of the issue that stifled milk disappointment and once the milking order weren't correct the inflammation was transmit from the pathological cow to the healthy one then the cow milk production were reduced and also the cow would be die therefore the cow variety reduced. Milk is that the basic product of dairy farm trade.
The secretion of huge quantity of top quality milk is that the basic purpose of recent dairy farm caw. Milk is secreted by, hold on in secretory organ off from the mammary gland, or exocrine gland glands of dairy farm cows and different mammals. The removal of huge quantity of top quality milk from the mammary gland of Bos taurus with a minimum injury to the mammary gland is that the single most vital job of dairy farm men.
Improper or careless milking follow may result in ablated let dawn, increase incidence of beneath malady, ablated milk quality and ultimately ablated productivity and gain [5]. Cows represent the biggest bovine population in African nation. in line with the food and Agriculture organization [3] forty second of the overall bovine heads for the personal holding ar milking cows.
Milk created from regarding ten million milking cows is calculable at regarding three.2 billion litters, a median of one.54 liters per cow per day over a lactation amount of regarding half-dozen months [4]. the common quantity of milk created per person annually in developing tropical countries is thirty seven litters compared with three hundred liters in developed countries [3].